Event Registrations & Accepting Payments

  • Previous hosts have offered attendees to pay with a check in person (to you) or online at members.campuscoworkingspace.com/events. Campus can support taking class registration and/or online payments if your business cannot.

  • After online registration, Campus will send an invoice via email allowing them to pay with a CC.

  • Campus will keep only what we are charged (5%) to process payments on our software and write a check to your business after registration is closed.

Marketing and Graphic Design Support

Event Setup and Take Down

Campus is here to help you setup. Just let us know how you want tables, chairs and/or the projector arranged at least two business days in advance. As the host, you are responsible to provide any refreshments, food, print-outs, and tools needed for your event. Hosts are responsible for cleaning the general area and moving back any furniture once the event is complete.

We look forward to co-hosting an event with you!

Examples of Dogwood Social’s Graphic Design:

Event Cover Photo (Facebook & Member Website)




Event Photo