What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is an emerging concept that creates a membership based coworking community. It is a concept that has been on the rise in the U.S., as well as in Missouri. There are many coworking spaces all across the state of Missouri, with the majority being in St. Louis and Kansas City. In Springfield, MO there are five and in Columbia, MO there are currently three coworking spaces. In our current market, Campus Coworking Space is the first coworking space in Jefferson City, MO.


How is Campus Coworking Space better than a home office or coffee shop?

Working from home can be distracting and difficult. Things such as kids, pets, yard work, and laundry pull your attention from the professional tasks you know you need to complete. Additionally, it can be difficult to mentally switch off at the end of the day. You are always “bringing your work home with you.” Lastly, you can start to feel lonely.

At Campus, you can focus and socialize at your own rhythm. Take a coffee break with a new friend and then get right back to it.

Coffee shops are great, but inconvenient hours, limited space, wifi issues, and having to pack up all your belongings each time you have to use the restroom isn’t conducive to doing your best work. They also lack privacy for client meetings or phone calls. True story: We once had a guy try to poach a potential client right in front of us after eavesdropping on our conversation with him in a coffee shop. He told us he was eavesdropping and handed him a business card after telling him, “I do exactly what these girls do.”

Campus gives you quiet rooms for phone calls, a relaxed work environment and fresh local coffee.


What types of memberships does Campus offer?

We offer four levels of membership:

  1. Community Membership - Completely free, and required to be in our system if you want to use the conference room.

  2. Starter Membership (Regular and Night Owl)

  3. Dedicated Desk Membership

  4. Resident Office Membership

We offer Day Passes and Punch Cards for our friends just passing through, simply wanting to check it out for a day, or who need the space irregularly.

Learn more about each membership, see its pricing, and even sign up by visiting our Campus Coworking Space Member Site.

Proximity Nomad Members, welcome!


What amenities does Campus offer?

24/7 access
Coffee, tea, beer
Conference room
Copy, scan, print
Everyday office supplies
Fiber Internet
Free parking
Network of entrepreneurs and professionals
Outgoing mail
Proximity Nomad Program
*** Some of these items are exclusive to monthly memberships


How do I sign up?

It’s so easy! Visit our Campus Members Site and pick which membership level you’d like. It’ll lead you from there!